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Capsule Collection for Summer

Capsule Collection for Summer

My friend Made by Burbs recently challenged me to create a week’s wardrobe on just £25 – I’m pretty sure she set me an impossible challenge. So, sorry Burbs, I failed! However, it did, in fact, inspire me to create a capsule wardrobe for summer – on the smallest budget I could. I chose ten pieces of clothing  - which amounted to £160.99 (some people spend far more on handbags),and added three…

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brianjonesoftherollingstones asked: Hi! I was going through your posts and I was curious about your dress on your "Here Comes the Sun" post, where did you get it? I'm wondering because I think it's the exact same dress I've got on Choies a few days ago xD And on a sidenote, I love your blog and style, definitely neat and charming.

Thank you so much for your comment, you are my new favourite person! 

My dress is from ASOS =] 

Thanks for reading! 

Nikki xx 

She Played With Ribbon

She Played With Ribbon

2Fact of the day: I do not like exercise.

And I never have. I  was one of those bookish arty kids who didn’t like running around much, and I never enjoyed sports at school, except from the odd dabble in dance and gymnastics. I’ve now grown up (but only a little bit) into a rather slobbish and thoroughly unfit adult. I can’t run or play sports, yoga makes me bored and tense and I completely fail…

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Kitten Update: Week Three

Kitten Update: Week Three

1 2You’ve guessed it, the kittens are now three weeks old! This is such an exciting time in the McMullen household: the little kittens can wobble around the room, they can sit, they can hear, talk, see, scratch (themselves, not me), cuddle, play fight, drink and much more! Everything they do is a little bit shaky and unbalanced, but they’ll soon get the hang of this moving business!


Since opening…

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One Dress, Two Looks

One Dress, Two Looks

I’m certainly not one of those ‘jump on the bandwagon’ bloggers who buys into trends just because they’re there (dipping my toes into the trend pool is more than enough for me). Although I like to push the boat out occasionally (as I mentioned in my last post), I try to keep to a personal style that works for me, and no-one else. That said, I saw a couple of bloggers and vloggers (including the…

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Barbie Girl

Until recently, I would never have described myself as a particularly ‘pink’ sort of girl. I mean, I’ve disliked the colour, except the odd moment in childhood when trying to channel my inner Mary Kate (to no avail, I’m definitely an Ashley), yet it was never really a colour I wore. Strangely it seems to be making a much bigger appearance in my wardrobe this year- and yes, I’m referring to the…

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Vintage Heroes

Inspiration comes from all number of places, from films and music to magazines and people you see on the street. For me, a huge source of inspiration comes from the ladies of the 1950s and 60s. I don’t by any means wish i actually lived in that era- casual sexism, racism and no internet? No thank you! But I adore the style, and I thought it was about time I shared my favourite pictures on She…

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The kittens are two weeks old now, they’ve grown so much!

I’ve done a Week Two update with more photos and info on She Wore Ribbon

Love Nikki x

Anonymous asked: do you know anyone else who likes writing/get your inspiration from anyone you know personally? or is it just you in your family also have you been to fashion week yourself?^_^ xx

Hi! That’s an interesting question - I’m not sure where my inspiration came from actually. I think I’m the only writer in the family, so I think I was inspired by magazine, my favourite authors and other bloggers! 

And yes, I’ve been lucky enough to attend London Fashion Week twice! =]

Thanks for asking =]

Nikki x